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About Us

Pastors Timothy and Michelle Kirven

Our prayer for you is that God and His wonderful and precious spirit will transform your life into a powerful example of Christ.

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Our Story

 My  Worship and Praise Church is located in the Heart of Richmond Virginia. It is a multicultural nondenominational church. It’s core values have created several help ministries designed to teach, guide, support, encourage, and strengthen families across the world and was founded by Pastor Timothy Kirven eleven years ago.    


This ministry which was founded on the principles of the Bible, Knows that it must empower the people for spiritual growth by using God’s Word as a compass for divine direction and revelation. Pastors Timothy and Michelle Kirven are committed to spreading the Gospel along with the church to enrich the lives of God's people. We know that church today must have several opportunities available to impart into the total family. Our church is here to love everybody with the heart of Chirst and to make this ministry available for all walks of life. WPC teaches that the word of God is the most powerful weapon and shield used to bring us to our created purpose through Chirst. The goal of the church as a whole is to watch transformation take place in the heart, mind, and soul of all people of all ages and to show the awesome illustration of Heaven on earth. We invite you to be a part of a very loving and caring church.

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